Jetsettin Daisy: Random Redneck Moments of the Week- Week 10

Friday, March 7, 2014

Random Redneck Moments of the Week- Week 10

I made it to week 10!!! I've never really managed ten weeks of anything. Except pilates and TRX because my trainer was a Hungarian body builder and she kind of terrified me (or would have if she wasn't awesome). Anyway, welcome to week 10!!!

1. Just told a story about how we used to use our fireplace to smoke out squirrels who were living in it.

2. Reminisced about my fave childhood dinner place called Dinner Deck. There was a sherbet bar, bench tables, and really good fried catfish.

3. And then reminisced about family afternoons at Bass Pro Shops. Sometimes I go there just because it reminds me of home.

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