Jetsettin Daisy: Tuesday Travel Guide: Atlanta

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday Travel Guide: Atlanta

Good morning Blog World!

This month (sort of) my Tuesday Travel Guide is taking you to Atlanta!

Most people I know don't really think of much when they think of Georgia but there's really a lot to see and do. It's a fairly inexpensive destination since the airport is literally a planetary hub and the food is delicious (fattening and sweet) and a lot cheaper than what you would find in most major cities. I didn't spend TOO much time in the downtown area growing up (it was a 45 minute drive from my town) so I've always enjoyed revisiting Atlanta as an adult and playing tourist.

I've taken three trips to Atlanta since my move back in 2003 and plan for at least several more (especially now that the new Braves stadium is opening this year). It's always so much fun to catch up with old friends and seeing some of my old stomping grounds.

Even outside of Atlanta there's so much to see- attractions all around the state like Helen and Stone Mountain. Atlanta is also perfectly central and only a few hours drive from plenty of other sights like Savannah, Nashville, Memphis, etc. It's a great place to fly into if you're looking for a larger airport.

For a smaller state, Georgia is rather spread out. If you are planning to branch out past the downtown area, you'll likely want to rent a car. Fortunately, the Hartsfield rental car facility is very organized (it's like a miniature airport terminal for cars) and rates are fairly competitive. I highly recommend a rental car so that you can explore a lot more. Aside from the downtown area, parking is relatively easy (even then sometimes).

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