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Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Must Haves

When you live in the desert and at a higher altitude, SPF is definitely required. I try to remember to put sunblock on even if I'm just going outside for a little bit. 

While I love Supergoop and Coola, for everyday use, it can get pretty expensive. Especially when you're re-applying every couple hours like you're supposed to, right?

Because it's so insanely hot outside, something light is really necessary. My favorite for day to day use is Coppertone Clearly Sheer spray. It goes on really light and doesn't feel sticky or overly greasy. It also absorbs really really fast and doesn't smell super toxic like a lot of the other sprays. The price is also great for something that I burn through so fast. I've tried out a ton of sunblocks (and gotten a lot of random samples on Birchbox and at Sephora) and for constant use, this is definitely the one I like the most. Do you guys have any favorites?

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