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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's Up Wednesdays

There's something really nice about classic looking retro luggage. It hearkens back to the days when traveling was glamorous and mostly for people with a lot of money. Fortunately travel isn't just a hobby for the elite few anymore but that doesn't mean I want to be carrying the same Samsonite as everyone else on my flight! 

I'm borderline obsessed with Steamline Luggage. The vintage style, the nice lines, the contrasting colors, etc. They have hat boxes, briefcases, everything. I pretty much want every single piece of luggage on that site (well, everything that's pink or navy). Unfortunately, I don't really have the finances to match my obsession. 

One day last summer, I was wandering TJ Maxx and came across a really nice dupe for the Steamline pieces. Since retro luggage is pretty in right now (all my favorite bloggers use the Delsey or Bric's versions), I thought I would share my findings! It turns out, they're on sale at Macy's and I think they look pretty damn close!

Steamline Luggage. Isn't it pretty???

London Fog. Like, 25% of the price. Good deal!

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