Jetsettin Daisy: Tuesday Travel Guide: Phoenix/Scottsdale

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tuesday Travel Guide: Phoenix/Scottsdale

Hey blog world!

So I'm reformatting a lot of things on the blog. I decided to remove a lot of older posts and redo them in a more user friendly, easy to follow way.

That said, welcome to Tuesday Travel Guides! Each month I'm featuring a new destination that we I may or may not have posted about in the past. Rather than giving a big old cluster of whatever I did each day, I'm putting together an easy to follow guide for each location. 

This month we are heading to Phoenix & Scottsdale.

I have a habit of going to Arizona when it's pretty hot out. My first mini roadtrip to Scottsdale was in the dead of summer. People would ask us what we were doing there and we would just shrug and tell them we're from Vegas where it's maybe only a few degrees cooler. Frankly, when it's over 100 out, it all feels the same to me!

The best part about traveling to sweltering heat on a weekday is that the prices were really really awesome. We got a great deal on a nice room at a cute little boutique hotel and there were Groupons galore. We got some much needed pool time and everything was quiet and there were no crowds. If you don't mind the pretty basic not sure what I'm doing original post, feel free to check it out here!

My second visit was another quick overnighter with my cousin and since we're both foodies, it was really all about the food. We saw a couple of cool sights, met up with some great friends, and just wandered somewhat aimlessly for a couple days.

Each week will be a new post on great places to stay, play, or dine in each city so by the end of the month, you've got a full itinerary ready to go. Or at least some fun recommendations. If you have any you'd like to share, let me know in the comments!

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