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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturdaze and Life Updates

Happy weekend blog world!

So I just noticed my blogging lapse and realized I had exhausted my queued up posts. I'll be honest, this summer was really easy to get posts scheduled out really far because I had so much time on my hands when I wasn't working. Now that I'm working way more hours than before, it's gotten a bit difficult to keep up. Mostly because when I get home at night, I'm exhausted. 

My first few weeks at my new job were a HUGE adjustment because I am not a morning person by ANY means. Waking up at 6AM half the week has been like a life change. I started drinking coffee constantly (I know, that's not good) and just slowed down a couple weeks ago once I started getting used to the early hours. So much pumpkin spice creamer was used.

The last couple of weeks after I got more adjusted, I've actually been going out and doing weekend things. Going to concerts, brunch, usual weekend activities. It's kind of cool!

For the next few months I'm going to try and stay consistent but will definitely be posting less. I'm sure you guys need a break from my incessant chatter anyway, right???

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