Jetsettin Daisy: Tuesday Travel Guide: Napa- Where to Eat

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday Travel Guide: Napa- Where to Eat

I honestly just now realized how little we ate in Napa. It's crazy because I am a serious foodie and usually devote more than 50% of any given trip to food. Even more sad- one of the only places we ate at is now permanently closed! So this post will include the places we did eat and a bunch of places I wish I'd eaten at that I'm bookmarking for next time.

This was a total spur of the moment meal and it was amazing. The ricotta crostini with pepper jam. Melissa only tried a little bit and later told me she didn't take any more than she did because she was afraid I'd stab her with a fork. I ate all the crostini before the ricotta and when they offered me more crostini I literally scraped the bottom of the plate until there was no more ricotta. It was mildly embarrassing. I would come back for more in a heartbeat.

This was the perfect place to stop for a quick and easy breakfast in the downtown Napa area. Great lattes and breakfast quiche and it's got that cute old country charm to it. 

Places I Want to Try

This has been on my list for years. We meant to stop but ran out of time and I was a little bummed. For one, it was featured on the Food Network at least once. Second, the name (um, it has the word backstreet in it). Third, the menu looks awesome. 

This place was adorable and right by the Napa riverfront. The bright yellow building and blue shutters are hard to miss and the food looked amazing. 

I can't help but be attracted to a restaurant that has bistro lights on their patio. The menu looks delicious too- those goat cheese croquettes sound really yummy.

The food here looks delicious but the breakfast looks outstanding. Any place that's famous for its donuts is okay in my book... especially when the menu includes green eggs and ham or something called a super burrito.

I love a good happy hour menu and the Social Hour menu here looks wonderful. I'm not a huge drinker- for me, happy hour needs to have some great bar snacks as well and Archetype really seems to deliver on that front!

This place seems to have it all- roadside food, a cute patio, and Food Network cred. It seems like the perfect place for a good burger with a greasy spoon vibe.

I love a good food market and Oxbow has some great places like Hog Island Oyster Company and Kara's Cupcakes- some of my Bay Area faves. It's a great spot to load up on some gourmet goodies for a picnic at the wineries. 


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