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Monday, May 6, 2013

San Diego...

I went to San Diego a couple weeks ago with my friend Amanda. We hit the zoo, the beach, and visited my cousin, Karissa! Since I am jetsetting a bit this summer, I wanted to test out my photo posting on the blog and figured what better way to do it then to use my last vaca pics? We were only there about 30 hours but I think we covered a lot of ground!

The zoo! So glad none of us had been there in ages. Bummed the Outback exhibit was still in construction but hurray for pandas!!! Speaking of pandas...

Adorable giant panda cub! Love it but I am really a sucker for this little guy...
I absolutely love red pandas.
Caught this photo op on the way to the polar bear exhibit...
No idea they loved carrots but he was noshing away at them. 

Got dinner and drinks at the Blind Burro after the zoo. I'm not a drinker but I couldn't say no to a chance to hit some awesome bars with the girls. Craft & Commerce and Noble Experiment. So much fun and great drinks. 

Grabbed dessert at Extraordinary Desserts too! Yum, have never ha anything quite so decadent and this was amazing. 

The next day we grabbed a quick breakfast and hit Coronado Beach.

 Nothing like lounging around in the sand to help cute a hangover! 

After some R&R, we grabbed our bags and hit the USS Midway for one last tourist stop before dinner and driving home. :-)
Hotel- $100
Gas- $30
Zoo- $38
Breakfast- $0 (included with hotel package)
Beach- $0
USS Midway- $15 (with a discount ID)
Total- $301

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