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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Texas 2012

Another day where I just feel like posting old stuff since nothing interesting is happening today...

Last year, my friend Becca and I went to Dallas and Arlington to visit our friend Katie who was starting her freshman year at University of Texas, Arlington. To be honest, we were also going because there was a Chris Young concert at Six Flags... Anyhow, we flew in for the weekend and got a cheap hotel right by Six Flags.

We met up with Katie on the first night for the big movie night they were having. It was a screening on The Avengers on the field. After the movie we headed to Whattaburger. There was a really convenient trolley system so we got a free ride to the university with the system (we had to call a special number and make a reservation, but it was like a free cab almost).

The next morning, we headed to Six Flags. It was a little dreary out so the park was pretty dead for the first few hours. Katie met up with us later and we had pretty much walked the whole park by the time she got there. I'm not really into roller coasters, so I waited in line while they rode Batman and a few other things. We did the Mexican teacup ride which was like the Disney teacups on speed. Had lunch and a funnel cake because what is a trip to an amusement park without a funnel cake? Seriously?!

After the park, we went back to our hotel to change for dinner and the show. One of my favorites restaurants is Pappadeaux and there was one really close to the park so we grabbed a bite there as I introduced my two friends to some of my fave Cajun cuisine. They loved it.

After dinner, we headed back to Six Flags for the show. We got there right as Chris went on stage. The amphitheatre was quite large but fairly empty so we snuck up pretty close to the front. The show was AMAZING. I've seen Chris perform before but I just LOVE him. A bunch of people left before the encore so we made it right up to the front of the stage.

After the show, we headed to Cowboys since they let in over 18s and Katie was only 18. Great music, cheap drinks, fun time.

The next day we met up with Katie for brunch in the Arlington Area. We went to Babe's for some awesome fried chicken and Southern goodness. We said farewell to our little Katie and took a taxi to the closest DART station in Dallas. We got tickets and took the DART into the West End area to go to the aquarium. What an awesome aquarium! We killed about two hours here.

After the aquarium, we took the DART to the closest station to the airport and started walking. Guess our luck was a bummer cuz it started raining a bit. We were getting pretty close so we didn't mind but a super nice bus driver pulled over and offered us a ride. He didn't even bother to look at our DART tickets, he just felt bad seeing us in the rain. There really are some nice people around!

We finished out our trip at the airport with some pretty great airport BBQ and sweet tea before heading home. Great weekend getaway. :-)

Six Flags Over Texas
Cowboys Dance Hall
Babe's Chicken Dinner Restaurant
Dallas World Aquarium
If you show your DART card at the aquarium, you get a discount!


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