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Saturday, May 18, 2013

San Francisco Pics

So I am home from San Francisco and back to work! My feet and legs still hurt like crazy, I probably walked around 20 miles total in that four day period... I managed to load my camera pics onto my iPad at home since my computer is completely dead and won't do anything at all. Here are a few of my faves:

I started at the top (Hyde) and walked down... So much easier than walking up! The best pics are from the bottom though.

I had hoped to spend more time in this "beatnik" neighborhood (seemed to have some great shopping and coffee shops) but I can do that next time.

OMG If you're on the opentop bus, bring a heavy jacket. The day was quite warm and I had a sweater and scarf but it wasn't enough. The first drive over was okay but the second one was really cold.

The famous legs and funky sign. Glad I caught this shot as we were driving by!

I tested my "bread personality" at the Boudin Museum... Not that accurate. I tend to MAKE the plans. :-)

I could watch these guys chill all day long.

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