Jetsettin Daisy: San Francisco Day 4

Thursday, May 16, 2013

San Francisco Day 4

I’m updating from the airport gate with crème brulee that I got from a street cart. Delicious. How will I ever pass the time at another airport without the luxury of a crème brulee?

This morning, I took my mandatory cable car ride. I took it to Chinatown. It is always awkward being in a Chinese area where they think I’ll speak the language and I have no idea what’s going on. Oops. I got a full breakfast with lots of leftovers (seriously, it took me another day to eat it all) for about $8. Lots and lots of good stuff. Kinda glad I don’t live here or I would be in Chinatown every single day. For the record, I hit up Good Mong Kok Bakery (for standard Dim Sum fare) and Wa Li Bakery (for custard tarts).

Took the cable car back to the hotel to eat and finish packing. Left my luggage with the concierge. Took a street car to the Ferry Building so I could wander the market. I did a lot of walking already that day, so I grabbed an egg cream and sandwich at Cowgirl Sidekick (figured leftovers would make good plane food) and some macarons at Miette.There were tables and benches in around around the building, but I found the best place to enjoy my lunch was on the public viewing area’s top deck. Great boat watching and a view of the Bay Bridge.

After that, I headed back to Market St so I could hit up the mini Daiso store and go to Andersen Bakery. I would have photographed my beloved strawberry Danishs, but I ate them all instead.
Overall, the trip was awesome and I got to go to pretty much everywhere that I had wanted to go. I budgeted really well and came about over $150 ahead; still, I didn’t feel like I had to scrimp or like I couldn’t spend on unexpected expenses. Should probably have slept more and given me feet more breaks. Next time I will do a Muni pass for the whole trip since it literally went everywhere; but I’m glad I did the bus tour this time! Cannot wait to come back!

Ok, time to hop on the plane now… Will post camera pics soon…

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