Jetsettin Daisy: San Francisco Day 3

Thursday, May 16, 2013

San Francisco Day 3

Slept in a little bit today. Caught the Big Bus to the Civic Center area. Got off around City Hall and walked through a kinda seedy area to Brenda's French Soul Food. I was craving beignets. Little tip- they do single orders! I got one crawfish beignet and one classic beignet for about $5 and change. And they're huge.

It was bright and sunny and there were plenty of people around so I decided to walk back to union Square and catch the bus to Fisherman's Wharf. I walked a lot faster than Google Maps estimated, probably because the jaunt through Tenderloin was a bit uncomfortable. Waited around ten minutes for the bus and then decided to just cab it over to Lombard Street instead... Could have just done that from Brenda's!!! Oh we'll, it was an interesting experience...

After Lombard Street I walked to Fisherman's Wharf for one of those amazing lobster rolls I had seen the day before. 

After this I walked I Pier 39 where I discovered my phone was too full of photos so I had to use my camera for the seals. I could watch those seals all day.

My friend Michelle stopped by so we took a detour to Yerba Buena Gardens for a snack at Samovar Tea Lounge. Cute little place, but I'm not on a health kick right now. I'm on a deep fried kick. Still, the matcha shake was yummy and I don't even care for green tea.

After Michelle headed to work, I did a little shopping. I hit up Macy's for some clothes and more macarons at Tout Sweet. I rarely go back to places so if I do, I have to really really like it.

Once I finished, I went to Farallon for happy hour an had a daiquiri and some truffle fries to satisfy that deep fried craving of mine. Wish I had someone to share them with, that plate was massive.

I had gotten a Groupon for Fiona's Sweetshoppe and came out with a larger box of old fashioned goodies. I went back to the hotel for a bit to chill, rest my feet, and charge my phone.

My friend Carla texted me when she was closely about an hour later and we headed to E&O Kitchen to meet y cousin Kim for dinner. We tried the corn fritters that were recommended on the Food Network.

Worth the try but definitely not as good as I had expected. Overall everything was a hit too peppery for my taste.

After this we headed to Harry Denton's Starlight Room. The lounge was beautiful and ha an amazing view. We shared the chocolate chocolate chocolate dessert and I had a Soul Reviver (Absinthe and root beer yum). Definitely some interesting people watching and I loved the view of the San Francisco skyline. Perfect last night in San Feancisco!

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