Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Three Day Weekend... Foodie posting...

Today is the first day of my "three day weekend". My weekends usually consist of Wednesday and Thursday but this week, I get Friday too since I had to work on the Memorial Day holiday.

I meant to sleep in but my internal clock thought that meant 9:15AM. So that didn't work so well. Got in some World of Warcraft time now that I have my Mac back!

Had lunch at this nice little Hawaiian tapas place called 808 Tapas before catching another showing of Iron Man 3.

Later in the day I headed to Nanay Gloria's with Marissa and Ramon for some cheapo Filipino food. The restaurant is a buffet and take-out kinda place and the buffet was less than $8. Can't beat that. Got my adobo and pancit fix. :-)

We grabbed dessert at Kuma snow cream. I've never had snow cream but it is delicious. My only regret is that I didn't get the ube, but what I did get was awesomeness.


  1. Amazing photos ! You've got talent !
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