Jetsettin Daisy: Pool Days in Vegas

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pool Days in Vegas

I really enjoyed the rain last week and wish it would have stuck around longer. Even so, we took advantage of the slightly lower temperature and hit up Daylight; one of the remaining dayclubs in vegas (because it's still fairly new) that I haven't been to yet. I make a point to check out each one once (same with clubs), and now I can check this one off my list!

Daylight was a good size and on a Friday afternoon, not crazy busy. Since my host put us on the list, we had drink tickets (gotta love free club soda and pineapple on a hot day). The pool isn't heated like most of the over 21 pools but it was too hot to notice anyway. Nice view of Mandalay Bay and the construction of the new signage for the Delano. We left before it got crazy busy. :-)

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