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Monday, June 5, 2017

A Week in Bali- What to Pack

I'm not sure why it's taken me forever to put this post together but it's finally here! Maybe it's because it's not a typical weekend guide but a full week and assembling the over 1k photos I took was a little daunting. Thank God for Lightroom!

I can't tell you how much we loved Bali. It's honestly the most beautiful place in the world that I've ever visited (and I've been to a lot of places). The colors, the people, the food, everything was amazing and it's one of the best trips I've ever been on. 

A couple notes on packing- I take a lot of prescription medications and because the laws and restrictions in Asia are very different, I strongly advise being cautious with your medications. Also, I went to my doctor a few months before the trip (less than six months is usually safe but check first) and had her write up a note regarding the medications in case customs had any questions. I also made a photocopy of the prescriptions and brought them in their boxes. This was a bit of a hassle but it's worth it to avoid any really big problems. Also- if you're on any kind of controlled substance prescription, you need to leave those home! Seriously, don't chance it; nobody wants to end up in an Asian prison! I usually take a prescription sedative for flights and I couldn't even take these with me.

Because I have an autoimmune disorder (COPD), we were super careful with vaccines prior to the trip. We went to a travel doctor who prescribed Malaria medication and we got Typhoid vaccines. The Malaria medication was a bit of a nightmare. I developed a horrible sore on my tongue because of it and it persisted until the medication was done. So uncomfortable! Apparently, it's one of the common side effects and the other ones are equally unpleasant. The medication I was given was the most mild of all of them but still not a fun experience. Better than Malaria, though, I'm guessing. I highly recommend Passport Health for your travel visits prior to your trip. Don't wait until the last minute! Go at least a month or two prior since some of the vaccines take a while to take effect. I also highly advise checking the CDC website ahead of time; they have recommendations and any advisories for travelers. 

For safety reasons, invest in a good hardsided suitcase with no zippers. We've all seen the horror stories of unsuspecting tourists going to prison for drugs they didn't smuggle. Anything with pockets on the outside is easy access, zippers are easy to sew back together, fabric is just plain easy to cut. We invested in some good metal pieces that lock with buckles and felt very safe the entire time. Also, unpack your whole back on the bed before you leave to make sure nothing was put in your bag by hotel staff. You can never be too careful!

We rarely purchase travel insurance but we did for this trip. We used World Nomads and were very happy with it. The insurance wasn't cheap; however, in the event of an emergency, it was serious peace of mind. I wasn't necessarily worried about the insurance for stolen items or lost luggage. I was more concerned about dengue fever or rabies (there are a lot of stray dogs and a lot of monkeys). We didn't have any issues (we did have one close call and I'll tell you about that later) but were very glad we had a safety net in case something did happen.

Packing Guide

It's easy to want to pack nothing but shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits for Bali but if you plan to explore, there are a few other things you should pack to wear. For instance, a kimono top is a great cover-up for the beach and it doubles as a covering for when you visit the temples and need to cover your shoulders. 

I liked having a crossbody for exploring since it's always safer to use for sightseeing (especially because the monkeys like to grab straps and abscond with your things). We also brought a nylon tote bag for the markets to carry all of the fun (and cheap) souvenirs we purchased!

A tropical dress is so comfortable for some of the nice (and still inexpensive) restaurants you might want to visit at night by the beach! Black crops that breathe well are also a great item for exploring the jungles and temples. Because of bugs, you'll want to keep as much skin covered as is comfortable while still staying cool. Also, the monkeys tend to be drawn to bright colors and even though you might see lots of cute videos of people playing with the monkeys, be very careful. I made sure to not expose my shiny items in the Monkey Forest while keeping my items inside my kimono top so that they weren't noticeable. 

Be vigilant with your mosquito repellent and sunblock! We were careful to use a lot of Off but these bracelets come in handy too. Not only is Zika a concern, Dengue is even worse. Fortunately, most big resorts spray a lot and we barely saw any mosquitos; however, the jungles and the temples are a different story. A good sunblock set comes in handy too!

Finally, it's a long flight. Like, a really long flight. We traveled from Vegas to Los Angeles and then to Tokyo and then Singapore before finally getting to Bali. It took about 30 hours including layovers! You'll want to be as comfortable as possible. Compression pieces help keep your circulation going (nobody wants blood clots) and this footrest makes coach just a little bit more bearable!

This post contains affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Foot Rest | Mosquito Bands | Coola Sunblock Set
Crossbody Bag | Nylon Tote | Black Yoga Crops
Kimono Top | Compression Sleeves | Skyscapes | Palm Print Dress

Come back tomorrow for my hotel review!!

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