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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Week in Bali- What to Do

There are so many amazing places to visit in Bali, a week won't cover them all. I'm serious. We left with an enormous list of things to do next time (Tanah Lot, cooking classes, etc). Our hotel did an amazing job arranging great drivers/guides for us and first and foremost I will tell you- your driver makes a HUGE difference in your trip. Our last driver was hands down, our favorite. If you are every traveling to Bali, please contact me and I will give you his information! His name is Made and he was just the best!

Another thing to note- the traffic in Bali is INSANE. Have you seen those Youtube videos that look a bit fake and show mopeds zipping around in every direction? Yeah, it's like that but real. And the tourists are CRAZY. I saw a guy try to fit him, his wife, and their two children on one bike and was literally terrified for their safety. It's not that far from Seminyak to the southern part of Kuta but it can take an hour and a half during bad traffic. The best thing I did was group all of our activities in one area for the same day. 

We were nervous about our trip to Indonesia and on our layover in Singapore, an Australian couple literally had us TERRIFIED for our arrival. The husband went on and on about all the crime, all the corruption, how horrible visits were for all of his friends. He was so adamant that we almost wanted to cancel our trip! We were super nervous about the possibility of being accidental drug mules (we've watched a lot of Locked Up Abroad) and the frenzy at the airport check is a bit startling but nothing to terrify anyone. My customs officer was possibly one of the nicest I've ever dealt with in any country and since Americans no longer pay for a Visa, she very kindly explained to me how the Visas work for others or how we may have to pay for one if we enter through a smaller port. 

I will say, we were cautious the entire time. Even so, we never felt unsafe and we never felt uncomfortable. We kept to the hotel after dark most evenings but we never felt like it was unsafe to venture out. We were usually just too tired. 

Uluwatu- I think this was possibly one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. The temple is built into a high cliff with a gorgeous view of the India Ocean. It's crazy how the different oceans have a different vibe and the Indian Ocean is so beautiful and peaceful in a different way than the Atlantic and the Pacific. If you have time, try and stay for the Kecak show. Remember to cover your shoulders and they will likely give you a sash to put around your waist as well. 
This is customary and respectful. 

One thing to note- Monkeys. I knew they would be around; however, I didn't expect such an abundance outside of the Monkey Forest. This temple had a thick forest to its north and there are lots of monkeys. I held tightly to my belongings when we passed them but once we were a safe distance away I heard our guide say "uh oh". For some reason, I instinctively looked down and there was literally a monkey gripping my Nikon camera. I know you're not supposed to fight them or freak them out but I was so startled I screamed. Apparently, he was just as startled because he backed away with his hands in the air and a terrified look on his face like I'd just caught him trying to steal a chocolate bar at 7-11. I took the opportunity to RUN and when I looked back, he was still standing there like a terrified statue. I almost felt bad for the poor primate! That was the most crime I encountered in Bali. 

Sunday's Beach Club- We came here when it was Finn's Beach Club but it still looks the same and is truly a unique experience. You journey down the cliff in the tiniest funnicular to the bottom where you follow the stairs to the sand. There is an admission fee but it's relatively small and includes almost all amenities including a food and beverage credit. This place is literally what Pinterest dreams are made of, the view is incredible. 


Ubud Art Market- You have to go at least once. It was in Eat Pray Love and it's a real experience. This market was one of the most colorful markets I've ever seen. We found some great deals here!

Sacred Monkey Forest- The monkeys here were less aggressive looking than the ones I saw in Uluwatu. I think it's because they're fed more frequently. I have heard that they steal so do leave anything you want to keep stashed safely away. I put my bag under my kimono. At first, when I wandered for the first five minutes, I didn't see a single monkey. I was a bit creeped out. Once I found other tourists, I found monkeys. There is a gift shop outside by where the drivers park that has good prices. Definitely, haggle! I was told one of the figures I wanted was 150k and when I told her I was sorry I only had 50k on me, she took it and handed me the monkey. Accidental haggling at its best!

Goa Gajah- You may have seen pictures of this place and it was probably listed as the elephant caves. Tell your driver you want to see Goa Gajah or he might get confused! You can wander on your own; you do not need to be guided by one of the men or women working for the temple. They will try to swindle you out of cash for large tips. 

Tegalallang- The famous rice terraces you've seen on the internet. Oddly, they're right by the main road. There are about a million steps to get through the whole thing and we were pressed for time but I got to see quite a bit of it. Also, the sell coconuts at the top and there are restaurants with full views in case you want to enjoy the view without the hike. 

Coffee Farm- They grow so much amazing coffee in Bali; it's definitely worth checking out one of the farms! They do tastings and sell all the goodies there. I wish I'd brought a few bags of their coconut coffee home with me! I drank a whole bag in three days because it was so good!

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