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Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Week in Bali- What to Eat

The food in Bali is kind of outstanding and almost always really reasonably priced. Even at the resorts! I ate at a lot of great places and even though some aren't there anymore, there's some food in Bali that you have to try somewhere!

Where We Ate

Mulia Deli- Okay, this is more than a deli. The pastry selection here is AMAZING. We got some delicious eclairs and items that had great tropical flavors and were actually super reasonably priced. What I would pay $5 for in a large city back home was about $2.50 here. So great!

Cascade Lounge- This is possibly one of the most beautiful places to have afternoon tea. We had the most gorgeous ocean view and everything we ate was delicious. The service was outstanding as well. There are multiple places to have afternoon tea at The Mulia (including one option with a DESSERT BUFFET) but this one has the best view. 

Motel Mexicola- The prettiest restaurant I've ever seen. It's an Instagram dream come true. The whole place is insanely colorful and the food is really good. You can't miss the multicolor exterior when you walk down Jalan Kaya Ayu. 

Meja- This restaurant was at our hotel and it was awesome. The setting was so relaxing and peaceful and we ate breaktast here every single morning. They have a great breakfast buffet that was included in our room price along with a la carte egg entrees. We had dinner here our first night as well and the menu was awesome. There was music playing outside and the doors were open letting in the cool air. So perfect.

Bale Udang- This place is like my dream come true. Amazing seafood and these gorgeous bungalow type dining areas situated around a large pond. We had a ton of really great smaller plates and drinks and we loved every minute of it. The ambiance is so awesome and we saw couples, families, and all kinds of groups there. It would be a great place for a larger group where you can get one of the private bungalows for a food and beverage minimum (which is very easy to reach). 

Biku- We had tea here and it was one of the more unique tea experiences. Their tea menu has a lot of Eastern options in addition to traditional Western selections. The food is fun and it was surprisingly crowded. They have indoor seating and some adorable outdoor seating options as well. 

Moonlite- Gorgeous view even though we got there a bit late. The cocktails are good and the appetizers are fun and flavorful. The atmosphere is so relaxing and beautiful; the night we were there was during one of the festivals. There were lanterns along the beach being launched so it was even nicer than a regular night. Funny story- when we were at the hotel downstairs waiting for our car, I was out on the deck by the pool. I felt the deck start to shake and I literally saw what had to be a two foot lizard run past me. WTF, right???

Potato Head- This is one of the more famous pool clubs but we didn't come to swim. We had some amazing drinks from their MASSIVE cocktail menu as well as some yummy snacks. There's plenty of seating around the property and it's pretty relaxing even when it's crowded.

What to Eat

Have gelato or ice cream somewhere. There are some amazing gelato places in Bali and lots of ice cream. Unfortunately, Lello Lello appears to be closed which is such a bummer because it was delicious. Even so, there are plenty of other places to check out and cool down!

Try the crispy duck. We had some amazing crispy duck in Bali- the best was at some random (but super cool and gorgeous) restaurant that our driver took us to on our way back from Ubud. I have no idea what the place was called but it was amazing. If you're doing a tour, have your driver take you for duck by the rice fields. It's amazing atmosphere and delicious food and there are a lot of restaurants with gorgeous views of the rice fields. 

It sounds weird and I never recommend places I can go to at home but go to Starbucks. Starbucks and Mcdonald's are two of the only American chains I visit in other countries because the menus are always different. We went to a Starucks in Seminyak and had some delicious Balinese inspired pieces that were unique to the area. 

Try and eat as much of the local cuisine as you can! Even at the airport, there is some really good local cuisine! Seriously! I would caution against eating outside of the tourist areas since the water in Bali is not safe to drink and you can never be sure if they used purified water to cook or wash your dishes. Talk to the hotel staff, they always have the best suggestions for restaurants!

Last, get snacks at the airport. They make for some awesome airplane goodies and souvenirs!


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