Jetsettin Daisy: A Weekend in Pensacola- What to Pack

Monday, June 19, 2017

A Weekend in Pensacola- What to Pack

Pensacola holds a lot of weird memories for me. I hesitated in even doing this guide but frankly, I've spent way too much time there to not do one so here we are! 

Most of my time spent in Pensacola was spent on the water on a boat. So this series is going to be a bit more nautical themed. While the enjoyment level of a sailing excursion depends on whether or not you get seasick, it's definitely an experience I suggest trying at least once! Today I'm sharing my packing guide for a trip to Pensacola with some pieces that will definitely come in handy if you plan to do any boating!

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You'll want a good swimsuit, of course. I like this one piece because it covers all the necessary bits and will actually stay still when you're moving around a lot (no wardrobe malfunctions or nip slips). 

Great sunglasses and some awesome sunblock are a big must on the water because that reflection on the water is no joke. I've seen people turn into lobsters without sunblock after just a little time on the water (even when it's overcast). I like Sun Bum a lot and love the look (and price) of these shades. Also- a hat is definitely a necessity on a boat when you're on the open water and don't have any shade to hang out under.

Even in the summer, it can get a little cold on a boat, especially on a cloudy day. Some lightweight pieces with long sleeves help keep you from catching a draft (I've gotten a little bit of a cold from the chill a few times) without making you feel really gross. Plus I love the nautical stripes on this dress!

Clearly, flip flops and a tote bag are essential when you're in a beachy place and these inexpensive pieces are great for getting the job done without spending a lot of cash. Last- if you're not sure how well you handle the water, stock up on some Sea Bands in advance to avoid any unpleasant (and messy) mishaps!

Okay, one more thing that I didn't list in the photo- bug spray! I have gotten eaten alive on multiple occasions by the worst mosquitos. Crazy story- apparently, I'm mildly allergic to the type of mosquitos that live in the Pensacola area. I have swelled up into giant bruises from these bites. So painful! Use bug spray!

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