Jetsettin Daisy: A Weekend in Pensacola- What to Do

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Weekend in Pensacola- What to Do

I love a good beach. I'm not great at sitting still and just relaxing but I really love the beach. There are plenty of beaches in Pensacola but there's quite a few other things to do if sand isn't really your thing.

The Naval Aviation Museum is a great way to spend a day. It's on the base so you do have to go through security but cabs can go in and out to pick up and drop off. The museum is pretty large and there are plenty of great exhibits for all ages. I didn't get to stay too long because it was a stormy afternoon when I visited but I had a lot of fun. Stop by the Cubi Bar Cafe for lunch; it's a restaurant and an exhibit with lots of cool displays!

I love that Pensacola has a cute, small, historic downtown area. It's easy to navigate and filled with the cutest shops, restaurants, and parks. You can find a ton of historic plaquards for the older buildings and there are even a number of museums in the area. You can also hunt the downtown area for all of the brightly painted pelicans.

In addition to the many nautical things you can do in the Pensacola area, this part of Florida is right next to Alabama. Less than an hour away are a ton of farms which are especially fun in the fall! You can find pumpkin patches, cornfield mazes, and little markets at a number of these spots. 

I know I mentioned having spent most of my time in pensacola on the water and if you're looking for just a little afternoon sailing excursion, companies like Condor Sailing Adventures provide short guided tours so you really don't have to do anything. On the flip side, if you want something more educational or would like an actual lesson, Lanier Sailing Academy offers a variety of options.

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