Jetsettin Daisy: 24 Hours in Laguna Beach

Monday, June 12, 2017

24 Hours in Laguna Beach

I while back, my travel buddy, Amanda, and I made a trip out to Laguna Beach. It was a quick overnight trip but we had a bunch of things planned out including sitting on the beach doing nothing! We had a great time even though it was a really short visit and I can't wait to go back!

Where to Stay

We got a great deal at the Pacific Edge Hotel. It's right on the beach; you literally go down the stairs and you're in the sand. Our room was cute and simple and they had Lather toiletries which I love! The best part really was the proximity to the beach- the hotel provides lounge chairs and umbrellas so we parked ourselves in a good spot and just sat there for hours. So awesome! It was also walking distance to a ton of shops and restaurants.

What to Do

We spent a lot of time on the beach. It was so relaxing!

On the way down we stopped at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. It's a really great place to visit- this is where they take sick or injured seals and sea lions and get them healthy again. You can watch them play and eat and basically just enjoy their cuteness.

We finished off our trip by visiting San Juan Capistrano which is pretty close to Laguna Beach. If you come out here, go visit Mission San Juan Capistrano. It's so gorgeous! There are also lots of fun shops and restaurants!

Where to Eat

The Deck- This restaurant was at our hotel and the food was really good but the view stole the show. Being from the desert, we really enjoy an ocean view! I'm sure it helped that the weather was perfect!

The Greeter's Corner- We stumbled into this restaurant when we were hunting for breakfast. They have a great patio overlooking the beach and the food was delicious! I had a seafood omelette and it was so good!

Big Fish Tavern- This place used to be called the House of Big Fish and Cold Beer which I thought was kind of hilarious and very specific. They're menu has a huge selection of amazing seafood items so if you don't like seafood, this might not be the best place for you. I had the lobster mac and cheese and it was really really good. My friends enjoyed their wide variety of beers.

Tea House on Los Rios- This is a great little tea shop in San Juan Capistrano. It's in the most adorable historic district and since it was October, we caught some fall leaves and some gorgeous ambiance. The afternoon tea set was delicious and it was such a relaxing way to end our trip!


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