Jetsettin Daisy: A Weekend in Pensacola- What to Eat

Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Weekend in Pensacola- What to Eat

One of the things I love about Pensacola is the abundance of seafood. In fact, it's really one of my favorite things about the gulf coast, period.

Flounder's Chowder House is a great spot right in the touristy area. It's easy to find; however, the wait times can be a bit crazy. The selection of fresh seafood is really awesome and I've never tried anything here that wasn't absolutely delicious. The restaurant is right off the water and it's really fun and comfortable.

McGuire's Irish Pub is one of the few non seafood places that I really enjoy here. It's got a lot of cool stuff on the walls and the ceiling (like all the dollar bills everywhere). The food is really really good (especially those Boxtys and the root beer if you're not a drinker). This place has even been on the Food Network! You can't miss it; the building really stands out.

I stopped by Jaco's Bayfront Bar and Grille once on a gorgeous day and got to sit in a nice spot overlooking the water. The food is really good and the ambiance was wonderful. I stopped here for a cocktail and some dessert after a lot of walking around the downtown area and it's right by the end of the Palafox Pier.

Al Fresco is the first Airstream food park I've ever been to. I'm a huge Airstream fan (we had one when I was a teenager and I loved it) and I love food trucks. The selection has changed a bit since my last visit but it's a fun spot (lunchtime does get pretty crowded so time appropriately) and it's right downtown! Definitely worth a stop!

The Oar House is a fun place to stop that's a little further from the downtown and beach areas but has a fun vibe. There's a large bar area outdoors and it's right on the water. You can actually take a dinghy over and park it at the dock right outside. There is plenty of outdoor seating where you can admire the boats and the menu is extensive.


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