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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Calico Ghost Town

The day after our slightly creepy camping night, we hit the ghost town.

The wind had died down (thank God) so we were able to wander the town in the perfect temperature on a nice sunny day. We grabbed breakfast first inside the town and had all kinds of delicious countryish breakfast items. The restaurant overlooked one of the mines too which made for a cool backdrop.

After breakfast we wandered some more, taking in one of the mines (pretty cool) and walking around the town. A lot of the old buildings are rumored to be haunted so some of the spots were a bit eerie. Lisa and I loaded up on old fashioned sodas and I made a stop at their old timey photo spot. There was even a cool little building made out of concrete and bottles that now sells gourmet dog treats. 

The town wasn't too crowded until we were heading out so we got to see everything we wanted to see without having to stand around waiting for places to clear out. We took less than two hours leisurely exploring and seeing all the cool sights (except for the mystery shack). 

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  1. how fun!!!! a bunch of our friends camp out there during new years...


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