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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Soul2Soul- Tim & Faith

Finally got to see this!!!

I've been dying to see this show and missed out last year. I figured it would come back since it ended shortly before Tim started his Two Lanes of Freedom tour (and he's touring again this summer so hmmm...) and this time around there was a 20% discount. How could I pass that up???

I took two of my lovely coworkers with me and we grabbed a quick bite at the Venetian first. I've never been to a show in the Venetian Theater but had heard it was a really intimate venue.

What an amazing show; we were almost all the way in the back but the theatre is so small it just didn't matter. Especially since Tim and Faith come in through the aisles and exit that way as well making themselves SUPER accessible for photos and handshakes. They did almost all of their biggest hits and chatted with the audience a bit. The show was beautiful.

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