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Thursday, May 8, 2014

If you know country, you can probably guess this is a Tyler Farr post.

After meeting him a few weeks before, I decided I definitely needed to go to his show at the Silverton since you can't really beat a $29 concert ticket (well I guess you CAN but that's not the point lol). 

Got great seats up front for the opener Ryan Whyte Maloney from The Voice. I had seen him perform with his band several times in the past few years and he's pretty good.

Tyler was AWESOME. So personable and a great performer. Super nice guy too. If you haven't heard him yet, go check him out!

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  1. I love Tyler Farr! He was the opener when I saw Florida Georgia Line last November. He puts on a great show!

  2. $29? That's awesome! I'd love to see him!!!

  3. I used to work/intern with the label that Tyler kind of started his career under. Well, he was signed to sony, but was building up his resume and getting his feat wet for quite a few years. Did you know he played guitar, sang backup & duets with Colt Ford?! YUP!! He was very quiet (or hammered) when I was around, so I never really got to know him well.


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