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Monday, May 29, 2017

24 Hours in San Antonio

I really love Texas, there are so many cool cities to see and great food to eat. I don't; however, love driving through Texas. It's a multi-day ordeal and I have to break it up with at least one cool fun stop.

If you're going in the late spring through early fall, be prepared for massive humidity. This was our first non desert stop on a very long trip and the weight of the air was crushing my airways. It's asthma hell. I usually breathe better in humidity but this was a ton of humidity hitting very suddenly. That said- dry shampoo and shower wipes are your best friend! Don't forget sweat proof and smudgeproof makeup and you should be just fine.

I'd visited San Antonio a few times before but not long enough to really do much and this trip was actually even shorter. We Somehow crammed in most of what I wanted to do and here is my mini guide for 24 Hours in San Antonio.

Where to Stay

If you want to see all the sights downtown, opt to stay by the Riverwalk. We stayed at Drury Plaza San Antonio which was literally right above the Riverwalk and had access just down the elevator to the walk level. It made wandering the restaurants and shops (as well as hopping the boat tour) so quick and easy.

A couple notes on our hotel- we loved it. It was comfortable for the dogs, parking was convenient, they provide a legit hot breakfast for free, and it was actually much prettier than I expected. At the time of our visit, the decor was a bit dated but very classic. They've since redone the decor to a more modern look. I cannot stress enough how amazing the location was for us. Perfection. Also- there is a rooftop pool! I wish I'd gone! That view would have been gorgeous.

What to Do

The Alamo- You cannot visit San Antonio without visiting The Alamo. It's the most famous landmark in San Antonio and given the history and significance, you absolutely have to go. It's very close to the downtown area so it's an easy walk. Go early in the day before it gets too crowded!


San Antonio Riverwalk- Another place you must visit at least once. There are tons of restaurants and shops lining the river and it's really a fun stop. Pick up some souvenirs, grab some Tex Mex, and just enjoy the scenery! If you have some time and really want a quick and easy way to see it all, take a Rio San Antonio Cruise. It's relatively cheap and a great way to learn some facts and history in a relaxing setting.

We didn't have a lot of time in San Antonio- literally 24 hours. We also had the dogs with us and the humidity was so crazy that my asthma was miserable. I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital at one point! That said, we missed out on some of the things I wanted to see so I've listed some other options below!

La Villita Historic Arts Village- I love art villages like this, especially historic ones. They're always fun to wander and take photos and a lot of times, you find the best unique souvenirs here!

Briscoe Western Art Museum- I like Western Art so this would have been such a fun stop for me. It's also right downtown so it's conveniently located close to the other attractions. 

Buckhorn Saloon & Museum- I really wanted to visit the Buckhorn. I'm not usually a history buff but when it comes to Texas and the rest of the South, I like the educational things. We did wander past it so I got some photos of the outside!

What to Eat

I know I've said this throughout this post but I wish we'd had more time. There are so many awesome restaurants in San Antonio and we really only ate at one place- Iron Cactus. Part of this was because we got into town late and there weren't a lot of places open late on a weeknight. The service was great, the food was yummy, and the ambiance was wonderful since the restaurant is right on the Riverwalk. Perfect evening dining! Even so, there are a number of places on my list for my next stop in San Antonio and I'm sharing them below!

Casa Rio- Tex Mex is clearly a huge draw in San Antonio and this place is right along the Riverwalk and has the pretty colorful umbrellas you see in all the Pinterest pictures!

Ocho- Take one look at the Pinterest photos of this restaurant and you'll know exactly why it's on my list of restaurants to visit in San Antonio. Also- I do love Cuban food.

Texas Land & Cattle- There is no shortage of chain restaurants along the Riverwalk. It's a bit embarrassing to admit, but I'm a sucker for a Texas style steakhouse. The prices here aren't crazy and the selection is pretty good.

Bella on the River- This Mediterranean restaurant has been on my radar for a little while. It's highly rated and has a gorgeous, romantic atmosphere. Plus it would be a great change once you've gotten your fill of Tex Mex!


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