Jetsettin Daisy: A Weekend in Palm Springs- Where to Stay

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Weekend in Palm Springs- Where to Stay

 I never stayed here but the property is full of quiet, old world charm. It's not flashy in the way a lot of the properties are and it's not colorful but it's peaceful and romantic. We had the luxury of a private tour when we visited for dinner and it's such a cute place with great service. If you want a quieter getaway, this is a great spot.

 We had a great special deal here that included a junior suite, breakfast, and drinks. We also got some great specials at the onsite Spa Terre. The suite was beautiful and comfortable and had a nice patio. The bathroom was awesome! Service was good and it's really a great spot for a girlfriend getaway! The pool was great too and at the time, there were some great Four Square specials for free drinks. 

 The Saguaro has been featured by almost every blogger I follow who has visited Palm Springs. It's really the perfect place for a great Instagram photo. We visited a few years ago around Christmas and honestly, it's another perfect girlfriend trip stay. It's colorful and fun and the pool is kind of epic. We got a serious hook-up at check-in- they gave us a suite with two bathrooms. Such a luxury! We also got a great steal on massages at the spa downstairs. 

 Stopped by when we had lunch and honestly, this place is so pretty. It clearly has a boutique vibe and it's smaller than a lot of the properties but it has a true luxurious vibe. I also love the black and yellow and white color scheme! We visited when it was still the Viceroy but from what I can tell, the property still looks the same!

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