Jetsettin Daisy: A Weekend in Austin- What to Pack

Monday, May 22, 2017

A Weekend in Austin- What to Pack

Austin has been on my list of places to visit for a while. 

I love Texas. I lived in Dallas for a bit as a child and Texas has always had a special place in my heart. Austin is one of the only larger cities in Texas that I haven't visited and since it's a major foodie mecca, I had to check it out for myself. Frontier had some AMAZING flight deals (like under $80 roundtrip) so I took that as a sign to finally come and see what all the talk was about!

Texas is humid. No joke. Luckily for me, that's great for my asthma. My friend, Michelle, and I opted for a great hotel in a prime location by all the cool shops and restaurants. We wanted to have a relaxing girly trip filled with chill activities and lots of food. 

This isn't packing related but I wanted to address it in my first Austin post- there is no Uber or Lyft service in Austin. Austin has it's own rideshare programs. I'd heard some poor reviews of Ride Austin so I opted to use Fasten. I'm so glad I did. We got a $5 coupon for our first ride and I referred my friend Michelle and had her sign up as well so she could get a coupon for our second ride. The only ride we paid in full was the third one and since it was her second booking, I got another $5 coupon for our fourth ride. I think we probably spent under $15 for four rides including tip. The drivers were all fast and friendly and the service felt exactly like Uber.

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When I think of Austin I think about food and bright colors. I packed a ton of fun colors on my trip like this crossbody (it's not available for order right now so I linked a bunch of cute ones for under $60). I also brought my usual carry-on bag and both actually fit under the seat together (a little tight on a window seat but they would fit comfortably under a middle seat). BTW, totally going to brag but the flight attendants LOVED my little mini suitcase because it's so small and efficient. When the people who travel for a living like you're travel gear, it's kind of awesome!

A light sweater was definitely necessary when it got really overcast and also on the water (and the plane). Not so heavy that it made me feel gross but it still kept me warm when I needed it. Because of the humidity, I went with lighter layers that wouldn't weigh me down when the sun started to hit (it typically came out late afternoon and was pretty harsh). 

I brought the cutest multicolor sandals and there are so many similar ones on the market right now for really reasonable prices! I've linked a couple- like these and these. Also am super happy with these new Sugarfix earrings and these slightly older but super cute ones! 

Oddly enough, I got a ton of compliments on these earrings and it's only odd because I got them on eBay for under $2! Everyone loved them and they are great for summer! These sunglasses were also a huge hit and dirt cheap here. 

We did a ton of walking so I made sure to bring some of my favorite sneakers. I love these because they're extremely lightweight, easy to clean, and really comfortable. I bought these on a trip to New York after walking all day and they literally felt like I had strapped clouds to my feet.

Last but certainly not least- I brought this paste with me because when it's humid, my cowlicks are out of control. Like so bad. This paste kept my flyaways and cowlicks properly afixed to my head at all times so I didn't look like a total moron the entire trip. Yay!


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