Jetsettin Daisy: A Weekend in Palm Springs- What to Eat

Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Weekend in Palm Springs- What to Eat

 Located inside the Ingleside Inn, Melvyn's was apparently one of Frank Sinatra's spots (he had his favorite table and everything). The food is yummy and the service is seriously top notch. 

 Inside the Colony Palm Springs, this place is beautiful. It's technically a "poolside cafe" but it doesn't feel like it. The food is yummy and the restaurant is really beautiful. 

 Two words- bacon flight. Seriously, BACON FLIGHT. The juice is served in caraffes, the food is super yummy, and again- BACON FLIGHT. Worth the stop for that alone. 
 Came here on the recommendation of Kathleen from Carrie Bradshaw Lied. The sandwiches were quite large and the crazy combos are so delicious. We couldn't even finish one who sandwich and had a ton of leftovers. We had the MILF and the Thanks For the Memories. 

 Some crazy person decided that milkshakes weren't good enough and they needed a little donut added to it. The donut was good but these milkshakes are AMAZING. We had the key lime pie and some delicious concoction of lemon, lavender, and blueberries. So good!!!!

 It was way too convenient to have yummy Mexican food inside our hotel. Walking down from our rooms at the Saguaro to get guacamole by the lobby was the epitome of being spoiled. Great drinks and good happy hour specials!

 We stopped here for breakfast on a whim and it was so worth the stop. Everything on the menu looked pretty yummy and the restaurant has an old school vibe (super hipster but hey, it's inside the Ace Hotel). 

 This is a great place to stop if nobody can decide on what to eat. The menu is massive and the restaurant is pretty huge too. The variety is really great; they have something for everyone. 

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