Jetsettin Daisy: A Weekend in Palm Springs- What to Do

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Weekend in Palm Springs- What to Do

Moorten Botanical Garden
 The botanical gardens are small but mighty. We thought it would be a random way to kill some time but this was actually a really great stop. Especially for Instagram photos! The variety of cacti here is crazy. 

Downtown Palm Springs
 There's some fun shopping to be had here- Trina Turk, random boutiques, foodie finds, and lots of touristy spots. Definitely worth a stroll. Bonus- the Palm Springs Walk of Fame. There are stars for all of the old Hollywood stars and it's kind of fun to hunt down the most famous ones.

Cabazon Dinosaurs
 Not in Palm Springs but worth a short stop and leg stretch on the way! 

Star's Homes
 Palm Springs is host to so many old Hollywood homes. Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gables, etc. There are guided tours and self driven tours you can do. I had a car and since a number of sites list the addresses, it's easy to do your own self guided tour. I've listed some great sites below that are wonderful references. Remember- these are private homes so don't trespass!
Pool Day
 One of the things I love about hotels in Palm Springs are the amazing hotel pools. Big or small, they're usually gorgeous and worth a few hours of chill time. 

Spa Day
 There are a number of great spas in Palm Springs and if you're looking for chill time, there is plenty to be had. Even better- a lot of these spas have great deals on Groupon, Living Social, or Travel Zoo. It's worth a peek to see what's out there and spend an afternoon getting pampered. 

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