Jetsettin Daisy: A Weekend in Austin- Where to Stay

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Weekend in Austin- Where to Stay

This hotel was not cheap but it was worth every single penny. We originally had planned to stay something a little more budget conscious but changed our minds a month prior to the trip. 

South Congress Hotel provided a few benefits- the location is amazing. It's right by the shops and restaurants and within a couple miles of pretty much everywhere we wanted to go and everything we wanted to do. The hotel also provides a complimentary car service within a three mile radius when available. We didn't really use it but then again, we were so close to everything that we didn't really need it. It could definitely come in handy if the weather isn't great!

This is an Expedia VIP Plus hotel, yay! I've gotten pretty spoiled as an Expedia VIP and as usual, got a pretty sweet upgrade because of it and because our front desk agent was just the coolest person ever (thanks again, Josh, you rock). We flew in pretty early and expected to leave our bags at the bell desk but Josh hooked us up with a pretty gorgeous suite and an early check-in. He literally made our whole trip- if we didn't have that quick early morning cat nap, we would have been zombies by 3PM.

There are a ton of restaurants on property. I'd heard that South Congress is so cool it's hard to leave and it's true. I could have stayed here for days and not gone more than a half mile around the property. There's a coffee shop/juice bar, a Japanese restaurant, a great cafe, a more upscale dining option, and food service at the pool (such a cute pool too). 

Our suite was amazing. First off- it's the coolest room in the hotel. The Bunkhouse Suite is like a sixteen-year-old girl's dream room. With two huge queen sized bunk beds, it's made for slumber parties. We went a little crazy and yes, I did, in fact, build a legit pillow fort. The bathrooms are spacious and well equipped. We had a separate living space and a cute balcony overlooking the courtyard by Manana (the coffee shop). I've seen reviews that describe the rooms as "prison chic" because of the decor but honestly, I didn't have an issue with it. I would have loved a little more modern amenities like an iHome or a USB charging dock but that's pretty small stuff compared to the awesomeness that was our room. 


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