Jetsettin Daisy: Another Disneyland Post (October 2011)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Another Disneyland Post (October 2011)

So my dear friend Lisa and I had a rare last minute coincidence of days off in October 2011. We decided to take advantage of the situation and drive to Disneyland. We left super late at night after she got off work and drove to her parents house to spend the night.

The next morning we headed to to parks. Lisa was at the very end of her annual pass and we wanted to take advantage of it while we still could! We started with California Adventures. It was a bit overcast and fairly quiet. We got our reservation in for Ariel’s Grotto and tried out the Little Mermaid ride for the first time. So super cute!!! After this we wandered a bit before lunch. This was probably one of my favorite character meals since it was more than the usual breakfast buffet fare. Great meal.


From here we walked through the front of the park a bit more before heading to the Disneyland park for a bit. We did our rounds there (Star Tours, etc) before heading back to California Adventures for the evening. We got our passes for World of Color (which I had never seen). We walked around until the show started. So cool! Makes the Bellagio look pretty lame. :-)

After the show we headed back to her parents house for the night before heading home. Love living so close to LA! Daytrips!!!! My plan for the summer is to do as many trips as I can utilizing deals from Groupon and Travelzoo. Got something fun planned so we shall see how this works…

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