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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NY NY 2010

To continue our trip up the East Coast, my mother and I caught a super early flight to NYC. In a fabulous turn of events, we had invited my father to join us fully expecting him to say no (we figured he'd only join if he was there on business). Oddly enough, he jumped at the chance and even phoned me to ask what kind of attire he needed for afternoon tea. He met up with us at the Atlanta airport and a few short hours later, we were in New York. Unfortunately, it was only for 24 hours before my mother and I caught our cruise ship.
(Please excuse the crappy quality of some of these Blackberry pics)
We had a few things planned; we have done most of the touristy things at some point in the past anyhow. Fashion Week had just ended but room rates all over town were a bit crazy so we splurged and booked a room at The Empire (I was a big Gossip Girl fan at the time). After an early check-in, we headed over to the Russian Tea Room for afternoon tea. My dad (silly man) was not used to me paying for things so this seemed to make him uncomfortable. The tea was great but considering my tea experiences in London, it was nothing to brag too much about.
After tea, we wandered Central Park. My dad would come here often in his downtime on business trips and apparently a Madonna movie was filming. The weather was gorgeous and sunny, so we walked for a couple hours and chilled by the Bethesda Fountain a bit too.

By now we had worked up an appetite again, so my dad took us to Grand Central Station to see the market and grab dinner at Michael Jordan's. Great steak and nice view of the iconic station.
The next morning, we grabbed breakfast at the hotel restaurant (included with our room) and took a cab to The Intrepid. My dad and I love ships and planes so this was a lot of fun for us. We had already requested a late check-out at the hotel so we managed to sneak in a quick Circle Line Cruise before checking out. Overall, I think we hit a lot of stops for such a short visit!!!

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