Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Boise... Yes Boise...

So a few years ago one of my close friends moved to Boise. After a few months she was kind of bummed since she hadn't been able to visit much and nobody wanted to visit her. Being the traveling nut that I am, I offered. Flights to Boise from Vegas weren't exactly cheap, so she told me to fly to Twin Falls even though it was kind of far. The flight was about $80 total on Allegiant and I found a great deal on a hotel in downtown Boise through Priceline (Residence Inn for about $40 a night). That put my travel expenses at about $200 total. None of our meals cost more than $20 and we ate breakfast at the hotel since it was included. We visited the zoo (great zoo for a smaller city), the parks, the Boise Depot, walked around the river, saw a couple movies, just chill local things. We walked through the downtown area too. It was everything a vacation really should be- we slept in, we chilled, we saw everything without rushing or cramming. And there was actually a lot to see. I was there for three nights and I think all my expenses totaled at under $450. I think the most difficult part of the whole trip was the fact that virtually nothing was open past 9PM. Anyway, for a really lowkey trip, it was a lot of fun and really inexpensive. Here are pics if you need convincing that Boise isn't just potato farms. I didn't actually see any potato farms and was considerably disappointed. I did, however, see lots of cows.

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