Jetsettin Daisy: NFR 2013- Brett Eldredge

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

NFR 2013- Brett Eldredge

Wow, these NFR posts are going all the way through to January. Yikes.

Friday the 13th was a fun but very tiring day. I flew back from Reno that afternoon before hitting up the Brett Eldredge show at the Gold Coast.

Becca and I had seen Brett at the Toys for Tickets show the previous Sunday, but Kristy hadn't gone with us. Standing room was on the dance floor and the stage was super low so the show was pretty interactive and we were second from the stage.

So glad we made it to this show; his short set was fun but this was so much better. He did a lot of fun covers and even pulled a Christmas song (complete with Santa hat). He then serenaded my cell phone. I have now made it all the way through NFR without punching anyone (it happens from time to time when people get super obnoxious and elbow me in the face).

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