Jetsettin Daisy: Project 365 Saturday- Week 1

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Project 365 Saturday- Week 1

Hey guys!

So I've been wanting to do project 365 for a while now and I started seeing all those cool photo-a-day prompts last year but it was a few months in and I like to start right at the beginning. I figured I would start this year so here goes nothing!

Every Saturday I am going to post pics from the photo prompts I use. This year, I'm going to try and follow along with the prompts on Fat Mum Slim

P.S. I think it's kind of funny that the font I used for the above design looks like it says Daily Pies.

Here are my first ones!


Lunch with Michelle. Kind of unfortunate that we spent so much time together due to the circumstances but glad I could be with her when she needs someone around.

Begins with G

My little Grinch! Roger absolutely loves wearing clothes. We get him lots of T-shirts at Petsmart and they make him really really happy. Not sure what he thinks of the bowtie though.
My Town
My dad got this Roxy painting on one of our many cruises a while before we moved here. I really love it because with all the changes they're making to the Strip, this is kind of a contemporary classic look at the Strip for the `90s through the early 2000s.
Word to Live By

I like to celebrate everything, including really small milestones. I'm not saying I don't dwell on small problems too but the more I celebrate the little things, the happier life gets.

See you guys tomorrow for Sunday Social!


  1. These are great! I am usually really bad at keeping up with these.

    1. We'll see if I make it past the week! :) lol

  2. Nice! I'm doing a 365 project too but will post it mainly on Instagram. I like your new template by the way! :)


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