Jetsettin Daisy: Throwback Thursday Vacation Edition- Week 1

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Throwback Thursday Vacation Edition- Week 1

So this year I'm going to actually do Throwback Thursday more often. 

I have a million old photos that have stories so I thought it'd be fun to start posting them. I've got lots of weekly posts planned that should be at least kind of interesting so here goes!

This picture was taken about 21-22 years ago. It was my first beach trip EVER (at least that I can remember) and my family went with my dad's friend's family. I had never really had a sleepover let alone gone on vacation with a friend before. We rented a house right by the beach on St. George Island for a few days. We played in the sand dunes and wandered the boardwalk. There weren't any shops or restaurants close by so every day was actually spent right at the beach. I had such a blast. 

This year, I'm linking this up with the awesome Travel Tuesday link-up from Bonnie!

See you tomorrow for something totally different!!!

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