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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Really? Just... Really???

Hello again blog world! For the second time today?

So I have been super excited about this new link-up from Voyage of the Meemee and Duh Danae, like super excited. Below are the wonderful random bits of crap that come out of an unnamed man (if I don't name him he can't get pissed, right?). 

Duh! Danae!

(While listening to the radio)
Him- This is Eric Church, right?
Me- No, this is Kip Moore.
Him- I don't think it's Kip Moore.
(Radio announces it was Kip Moore duh)
Me- See? I told you it was Kip Moore.
Him- I still think you're wrong. It was Dierks Bentley.

Me- Did you get everything we need for the burgers?
Him- Yeah, yeah. Except buns.
Me- What about ketchup, mustard, tomatoes?
Him- Oh yeah. No.
Me- So all we have is meat?
Him- Yeah.


  1. Bahahaha... men!!!! This sounds like stuff my man would say too! Glad you linked up with us! :)

  2. Hilarious! That sounds more like me forgetting everything at the store!


  3. Ha ha ha ha!!! That is too funny.

  4. "all we have is meat" hahaah oh my goodness! Oh men.


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