Jetsettin Daisy: Project 365 Saturday- Week 3

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Project 365 Saturday- Week 3

This week's photos were kinda tough!

Roger's accessories. I got him this scarf that he thinks is food along with a variety of other things he thinks I'm crazy for trying to make him wear.

Makes me smile
My little guy. He's so smart and weird.

3 Things
These are the three things sitting on my desk that I try to use every day. Lotion, lip balm, and eye drops.

Black & White
This super cool Maybelline polish I randomly found. Love the street art splatter look!!!

The glare of the burning sun on my drive to work every morning. Grrrr...

My first tattoo. It's about an inch long. The artist who did it just won a major tattoo reality show competition which is pretty cool. This little thing cost more than three of my tattoos by my friend, Ben, who is responsible for all of my best looking work. Never go to designer tattoo shops.

Happy Place
So super geeky. This is my WoW toon. This is my long day outlet, my best way to save money, my fave thing to do whenever I have a few hours to kill. It's the reason I save money to travel and my fave mode of communication with Marc. 

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