Jetsettin Daisy: Dallas Part 1- Fort Worth

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dallas Part 1- Fort Worth

Today I headed out to Dallas bright ad early... By early I mean I left the house at 5 AM. Ouch!

I got to Dallas around 1PM and my friend Katie (some of you may remember her as Hand Twin) met me at the airport. After a quick lunch at Whataburger, we headed out to Fort Worth to visit the historic Stockyards. 

What a fun place! The historic section of Fort Worth is so cute and there are tons of saloons and cute general store type shops along the way. I got to hop onto a steer named Big Jake and we wandered over to the worlds largest honky tonk, Billy Bob's. We were tired and it was raining but next time we are going in!

We did a little shopping and wandering until it was a bit too rainy to enjoy the outdoors. We headed back to Arlington for the day and tomorrow we will be up bright and early for what I think will be a really fun adventure!!!

Me and Big Jake.

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  1. The picture of you and Big Jake is pretty funny and cute! How did you get up there?


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