Jetsettin Daisy: Hawaii 2012 Part 3

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hawaii 2012 Part 3

Y'all know I'm a crazy foodie so I figured, why not to a food post?

I always try to fit in a bunch of snacks on trips and never eat too much at any one meal. There's always something around the corner somewhere!

Waiola Shave Ice
We walked about 2 miles to get here because we had time and were a bit bored. This shave ice was worth the walk. So yummy; especially with the azuki beans and snow cap!

Snow Forest Shave Ice
This spot is downtown and really good too. The owner was super nice and gave us some custard to try too and told us if we needed more condensed milk or syrup, he would refill us. 

Hula Grill
We randomly stopped in for food after wandering Kalakaua. We got a table overlooking the pool and the beach and the food was really really good. We weren't starving so we had appetizers and desserts (hula pie and creme brulee in a pineapple). 

Wailana Coffee Shop
This spot was right across from the hotel. We came here for lunch one afternoon between tours. The kalbi was awesome and I still dream about their macadamia nut pie. So good. 

Liliha Bakery
Our first morning in town, my friend told us they were going to Ihop. We didn't want Ihop. I asked the bellhop if they could get us a cab to Liliha and she got super excited. That's always a good sign right? We grabbed breakfast and then some goodies for the room. Everything was amazing. It's fairly out of the way but it was worth the taxi. 

Makai Market Food Court
This is the food court inside Ala Moana Mall and while I hate shopping on vacations, I had to stop by just for the food. They have everything here. Not the usual Nathan's and Sbarro, there are tons of places to get all kinds of Asian cuisines and seafood. I opted for steak and mahi mahi.

Everyone from Vegas who moved there from Hawaii told me to go to Zippy's so I made a point to stop there. We got katsu I stopped by the bakery next door for malasadas. We went to the location on the lower level of Sears inside Ala Moana. Really good, so much better than fast food back home.

My mom and I always like to come by here at least once for our shrimp tempura udon bowls. It's pricey since it's a resort restaurant but it's so much better than the places back home and insanely different from the instant packages we get stuck with most of the time. 

Our first dinner with Lisa and her mom. We stopped by after Lisa and I spent the afternoon on the beach. We got a table right by the wall on the balcony and got to enjoy the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. We got a great view of the surfers and sailboats too. I will definitely come back here if only for the sunset (but the food was great too).

Sunset at Tiki's.

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  1. I want creme brulee in a pineapple! Eating is my favorite part of traveling!


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