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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Scrapping Saturday

Happy Saturday bloggers!!!

So I thought I'd try something new since every series I've tried has been kind of an epic fail. I've recently started making scrapbooking a priority again because if I don't start scrapping my thousands of photos; they're just going to keep building up!

A lot of these photos have been blogged so if the page consists of something I've blogged, I'm linking back to the previous post. If any of you guys are digi scrappers too and want to know where I got certain kits or fonts, hit me up! Everything is credited below and for the photos that I didn't take, I have credited the photographer/website in the caption.

Today I was in a Twilight mood, can you tell?

From Dusk Till Dawn by Stolen Moments Designs
Emmett by Valorie Brown Designs
Pepperwood by Little Green Frog Designs
Other photos from Chateau Nightclub and Sugar Factory

Out with the Old In with the New by Little Butterfly Wings
Get the Party Started by Trixie Scraps
Pepperwood by Little Green Frog Designs
Birthday Word Art 3 by Elegant Word Art
Vegasnews Photos from Isaac Brekken/Wireimage

Songbird by Little Green Frog Designs
Carlisle by Valorie Brown Designs
Into the Twilight by Studio Flergs
Other photos from Chateau Nightclub and Sugar Factory

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