Jetsettin Daisy: Dallas Part 3- Tishomingo

Monday, June 9, 2014

Dallas Part 3- Tishomingo

I love small towns and Tishomingo is super tiny. We only really spotted one bar on Main Street but surprisingly, there were some awesome shops.

Next door we grabbed lunch at Rockin Rib. Great little BBQ joint with cheap food and friendly service. If you ever find yourself in Tishomingo, stop in! 

After lunch we wandered the Baker Mercantile for jams an jellies and then walked around the Chickasaw Nation museums. There are three- the bank, council house, and Capitol building. They're all free and pretty interesting. 

By now it was starting to rain a bit an we decided to head home rather than risk gettin caught in Oklahoma dying a severe thunderstorm. The whole excursion in Tishomingo was maybe 2.5 hours and we saw a lot. I'd love to go back sometime I see the wildlife refuge and maybe camp one day. Great friendly little town.


  1. It looks so cute and charming! Sounds like you are having fun in Texas!

  2. I love seeing and reading your travel posts and pictures.. Makes me want to just go somewhere. :)


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