Jetsettin Daisy: Hawaii 2012 Part 2

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hawaii 2012 Part 2

Our visits to Pearl Harbor.

If you're planning on going, don't take a cab. There are a number of shuttle companies in the area that do group pick-ups and drop offs and they're a lot cheaper.

With our Go Oahu pass, we couldn't do ALL of the Pearl Harbor visits in one day but that was fine because you don't want to be rushed and they are all in different spots. We visited the USS Arizona Memorial and the USS Bowfin Submarine our first day. Since it wasn't over a holiday, the boats were less full and we were able to take in everything at our own pace rather than feel packed in like sardines. The USS Bowfin was way less crowded than everywhere else which is kind of sad because it's pretty cool. Besides, since it was included, why not stop by? You only get so many chances to wander a submarine, right?

Two days later we came back to see Battleship Missouri and the Pacific Aviation Museum. There is a lot to see and splitting up the attractions was a really good idea. These two are over the bridge so you have to catch a shuttle bus from the visitor's center and ticketing area over to the Missouri. Interesting bus ride and it was pretty cool to see the housing that's on the island as well. The Pacific Aviation Museum is fairly small but there are some really cool planes and so much history. Definitely worth the stop. Battleship Missouri was a great visit. We didn't do the guided tour and I'm kind of glad. We got to move at our own pace which I prefer. Watch out for the walls with asbestos!

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