Jetsettin Daisy: Dallas Part 4- Denton & Roadtrippin

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dallas Part 4- Denton & Roadtrippin

This day trip trough Texas and Oklahoma really reminded me of all the things I love about southern small towns. We drove through several cute ones and saw some nice places along the way. The weather held up pretty well until we left Oklahoma.

We stopped in Denton on the way back to see Katie's wedding gown and grab dinner instead of sitting in rush hour traffic. She took me to a fun little dive with the most awesome cheese steaks and fried onions. 

We wandered the town square afterwards and then hit up the most awesome ice cream shop ever for dessert. I had an amazing lavender honey sundae. There were some nice shops aroun the square (cute old school comics and sweets) and a nice music scene. Such an awesome way to end the roadtrip!

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