Jetsettin Daisy: Dallas Part 2- The Pink Pistol

Friday, June 6, 2014

Dallas Part 2- The Pink Pistol

I am a hardcore Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton fan.

Fortunately, so is my friend Katie. So when I decided we should rent a car and daytrip up to Tishomingo, Oklahoma, she didn't think I was crazy. Miranda opened up a store and soda fountain in her and Blake's hometown a while back and it's been on my to do list ever since.

The drive was only about two and a half hours and for a girl who likes small towns and dirt roads, it was a great drive. We saw lots of farms, ranches, and wild flowers along the way. 

When we got to Tishomingo, we spotted the Pink Pistol right away. It's an adorable store front and the inside is even cooler. I'm a big fan of junk Gypsy stuff and it's all over the store. 

The first thing you see walking in is the soda fountain. The whole shop looks like a renovated old school pharmacy and soda shop except everything is pink. I could spend hours in that shop looking at all the hidden treasures around the store but I managed to leave without spending a fortune. 

Katie and I got sodas at the fountain after shopping and they were delightful! The staff was super nice and the whole store was exactly what I pictured in my mind.


  1. Ah! Miranda Lambert is my favorite. I really hope this is a successful store for her. I want to visit it in the future.

    <3 Jackie

  2. I ove them so much!!! I NEEEEEED to go to that store next time I'm out there!


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