Jetsettin Daisy: Hawaii 2012 Part 5

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hawaii 2012 Part 5

Makani Catamaran Cruise and random city pics.

The cruise and the city tour were both also included with the amazing Go Pass. Total, I think I did about $500 worth of activities for $250. Pretty great deal, right??? 

My mom and I did the cruise in the morning before it got hot. My mom does not like boats and tends to get seasick whereas I took pictures of the fish, laid out on the net, and passed out staring at the water under the net. We saw a bunch of turtles and several schools of fish pass. The water is insanely beautiful and the view of the city was wonderful. 

We did a couple rounds on the city hop on hop off trolley. We made a few stops downtown so I could take pictures of random buildings that they show in Hawaii 5-O including the statute outside their "headquarters". 

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