Jetsettin Daisy: Hawaii 2012 Part 7

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hawaii 2012 Part 7

One of my fave parts of the trip was our visit to Kualoa Ranch.

Kualoa is all kinds of awesome. They film a ton of television shows and movies here but they also have a lot of farms and ponds and all kinds of beautiful spots. 

A couple of the tours were included with our pass so we booked the tour bus transportation to get us there and back and also booked lunch so we could take our time hanging out. We did the movie sites tour and the gardens and fishpond tour. We got to see their beautiful pond and the tour the gardens where they grow all kinds of fruits. Our tour guide stopped frequently (we were the only people in his van) and picked us fresh starfruit and macadamia nuts. We stopped for lunch in between and had ribs and chicken at the buffet. On the movie tour we got to see the Jurassic Park sign, one of Godzillas' giant footprints, and all kinds of other cool spots featured in a lot of films. Incidentally, Hawaii 5-O was setting up filming there that day too (I really think they were stalking me). 
My mom and I would love to come back next time and see some of their other tours. 

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